Historical England: Castles in England

Historical England: Castles in England

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Haunted dungeons, high towers, medieval architecture, princes and princesses, lush gardens and timeless art collections are all what you'll experience when you visit castles in England. The term history may connote a tone of boredom to some, but historical England is far from it. These renovated castles have been around for hundreds of years and give visitors insight into the life of wealthy Englishmen of the past. Visit Warwick Castle for a number of attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Experience hundred-year-old family tradition and 1,000 acre landscape when you visit Castle Howard. Catch a glimpse into the Royal Collection and visit a favorite weekend home for the Queen of England at Windsor Castle. Whatever castle you visit, you'll be captivated by the majesty and grandeur of historical England.
With its history dating as far back as eleven centuries, beautiful Warwick Castle lies on a bend on the River Avon in Warwick. Keepers of Warwick Castle have spent more than $7,565,402 in restoration in the last ten years alone. Over the course of its lifetime, the Castle has been besieged and damaged by fire but has nevertheless survived the changing forces of history. It's been used to hold prisoners from the Battle of Poitiers in the 14th century and was even used to imprison King Edward IV in the 15th century. The grounds were turned into a garden in the 17th century to enhance its defenses to prepare for the English Civil War. It was used as a private home by the Earls of Warwick up until 1978 when it was purchased by the Tussauds Group and turned into a tourist attraction. In 2007 it became under the guardianship of the Merlin Entertainments Group and continues to be today. People have been visiting the castle since the 17th century but it became such a nuisance to the owners that they closed the Castle to any visitors by 1885. It reopened again soon after and by 1900 it had its own ticket office and employed a permanent guide. As an official tourist spot, there are a number of attractions such as daily shows, “Kingmaker's Banquet” or “Highwayman's Supper”, an evening show to visit the dungeons after dark, a jousting arena, tours of the towers, gardens, playgrounds and many more. It's no wonder this castle is considered Britain's finest.
Built in the 18th century, Castle Howard is not only a castle, but it's also a booming rural estate with many traditional enterprises such as farming and forestry. Home to the Howard family for over 300 years, Castle Howard is located on 1,000 acres of Yorkshire's Howardian Hills. While there, enjoy woodland and lakeside walks, world-renowned collections, ravishing architecture, and moving family stories. Stop and visit the Garden Centre or the Farm Shop or stay at their Lakeside Holiday Park. Castle Howard is also available for your next special event or wedding with a wedding coordinator on staff. They have a lot of popular annual events and concerts like polo, a market, or even photography lessons. Picnics are allowed on the premises or families have a choice of cafes so there is something to suit anyone's budget or appetite!
Being the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, not to mention an Official Residence of Her Majesty, Windsor Castle is a must see when visiting England. Talk about historical England, this castle is almost 1000 years old. It's notorious for its association with the British royal family and for its architecture. Covering about 13 acres, the Castle contains State Apartments furnished with treasures of the Royal Collection, St. George's Chapel, Queen Mary's Dolls House, and the Drawings Gallery featuring changing exhibitions. There are tours available to view the towers, the kitchen, lunchtime organ recitals, and tours to the Frogmore house and gardens. Because it is a working royal palace, opening arrangements may change at short notice. Wouldn't you like to walk the same gardens as the Queen of England?
Don't miss out on visiting these historical landmarks that have managed to preserve the legacy of England's past. Through dedication to renovation, these castles have survived through centuries of turmoil and peace. Experience historical England by taking a tour of Warwick's mourning dungeons, enjoy family stories at Castle Howard, or stroll through the same hallways as Her Majesty. If walls could talk, could you imagine the stories these castle walls would tell? 
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